thRUNNING is a program that was put together to help individuals new to endurance sports. This includes anything from a 5k to a half marathon, or a triathlon! I started thRUNNING to help you take that first step in completing your race or event. I have a special interest in first time athletes or individuals relatively new to endurance sports. Everyone has the will to achieve their fitness goals, I want to show you the way.

     What we offer


  • Creating customized plans-according to YOUR needs
  • Being available for questions/concerns-when YOU need it
  • Giving you that personal trainer experience-through the convenience of the internet
  • Making a personal coach experience AFFORDABLE!
  • 5k, 10k, Half marathon, and Sprint triathlon guidance available
  • Nutrition, training, and race-day prep tips
  • Giving you the support from the time we meet, until the time you cross that finish line!




  • Weight loss-you may find burning all of these extra calories aids in your weight loss
  • Healthy heart-endurance running is great for your heart
  • Energy-You may find yourself having more energy
  • Helping you become more confident as you finish your first 5k, half marathon, or anything in between
  • You will set a great example to your children, spouse, family, friends, and followers
  • Because I genuinely care for your health and love seeing you succeed and reach your goals



If you are wanting to make that change, begin a healthier lifestyle, and do so by possibly running your first 5k or half marathon, I am here to help! I want to give you that personalized training schedule that fits into YOUR schedule. Check out the "my options" page or just "contact the coach" so we can get you started!

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